Best Kovaaks Routine For VALORANT (Get To Plat FAST!)

The Kovaak’s are the best mercenaries on Valoran, but their time is running out. They’re trying to figure out how they can keep dominating before new challengers come around and surpass them.

The “best kovaaks routine for valorant 2021” is a video that will show you how to get to plat as fast as possible. The video was uploaded by Kovaak’s on YouTube.

I concentrated on two things when I wanted to start getting serious about improving in VALORANT:

Unlike your aim, which can be rehearsed, monitored, and provide good results in a matter of days, game sense is a difficult component of gaming to understand.

As a consequence, following a few weeks of training, I was able to go from Gold to Platinum:


Your results may vary, but the great thing about aim training is that it can be used to any other FPS game.

It will be simpler to climb the ranks if you have a better aim.

That is just a truth.

Let’s get started without further ado!

TL;DR: The Most Valorous Kovaaks Routine

Pyth’s aim training program, created by vF Zeeq, is the greatest Kovaaks regimen that brought me the biggest progress.

Here’s how it works:

Completion time: around 1 hour.

  • Extra Small 5x – 5 Sphere Hipfire
  • Click Small 5 times – VoxTargetSwitch
  • 400% Floating Heads Timing 5x
  • 5x – Reflex Micro++ tiny flick reload
  • No Reload – patTargetSwitch Small 5x
  • Pokeball Frenzy Auto Small Wide 5 times
  • 5x – Small Pistol Strafe Gallery
  • 5x – 1x – 1x – 1x – 1x – 1
  • Reload 5x – 1w2ts
  • Valorous Microshot Speed Small 5x

Other possibilities to consider if you’re bored:

  • 180-degree bounce
  • 1wall5target pasu
  • 6 little targets on 1 wall

How To Get The Most Out Of Kovaaks Aim Training

You should execute this program every day if you want to achieve the most improvements in your training.

The optimal time to do this exercise is before entering a competitive game.

Too frequently, gamers enter competition with just 5 minutes of warm-up time at the practice range, which is insufficient to fully warm up.

30 minutes was the bare minimum of warm-up time for me. That, in my perspective, is more than enough time to warm up.

However, I was unable to finish the whole Kovaaks procedure every time, nor was it required.

The emotion you receive while you’re in-game is what you should concentrate on.

You should have better control over your wrist and fingers, smoother aim transfers, and it should be simpler to aim at headshot height in-game.

Take what you learned in Kovaaks and apply it to real-world settings in VALORANT to get the most out of your practice.

To accomplish so, you’ll need to put your aim training into practice in the game.

Putting Your Kovaaks Training to Good Use

The following is a typical pro-VALORANT player’s warm-up routine:

  • Practice Range Deathmatch Competitive Aim Training

Although you may be warm enough to go directly into competitive games following aim training, you will want to drill in the muscle memory you’ve acquired into the mechanics of VALORANT.

This entails deliberate practice on the Practice Range and in Deathmatch.

The Range of Practice


Recoil is something Kovaaks doesn’t account for (at least not in the circumstances we lay out for you).

Transitioning from Kovaaks VALORANT is different since the recoil in the Vandal or Phantom is not compensated properly.

So coming to the Practice Range and shooting bots is the greatest way to practice.

Routine on the Practice Range

FPS Tammy’s warm-up is the method I followed before entering Deathmatch.

It’s comprehensive, and the best way to learn about it is to see his film on the subject:




Head into Deathmatch when you’ve become used to wielding the weapons in VALORANT.

Deathmatch is a great location to train your aim since, unlike shooting bots with erratic motions, you’ll be shooting actual people who move about.

You may also practice utilizing sound to your advantage, holding corners, and, most significantly, shooting for the head, which is the goal of many of the Kovaaks training situations.

The greatest problem I find when players train their aim in Deathmatch is that they aren’t imitating genuine game conditions.

To put it another way, when you play Deathmatch, you should treat it as if it were a competitive match.

Don’t go into the fight with all guns blazing; instead, hold angles and corners with patience, as if you’re playing a competitive game.

Don’t be concerned about your grade. The goal of Deathmatch is to practice rather than to win.

Winning Deathmatch comes as a result of skillfully outplaying or out-aiming your opponent.

Putting Your Kovaaks Training to the Test

As I previously said, there are two abilities you must master in order to advance in VALORANT, with game sense being more important than aim.

Your determination will only take you so far.

In my view, your goal alone will lead you to Platinum, but greater game sense is required to climb out of Platinum.

Combining what you’ve learned in Kovaaks with game sense abilities is the greatest way to put it to use.

The following are the most important aspects in increasing your aim and headshot percentage:

  • Placement of crosshairs
  • Positioning
  • Knowing how to make the most of your agency
  • Collaboration with your coworkers

All four of these game sense talents will improve your whole skill set as a VALORANT player, not just your aim.

Practicing these abilities will allow you to aim with the least amount of pressure from your opponents.

And the simpler it will be to take advantage of these chances as your aim becomes quicker and more precise.

In the end, reaching the ranks in VALORANT is about more than simply having good aim.

The most important factor in quickly rising the rankings is your game sense.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions are included below:

Is Purchasing A Gaming Mouse Beneficial To My Aim?

Purchasing a gaming mouse will aid your aim, but not as much as you may believe.

If you want to improve your aim in VALORANT, I suggest practicing with a light gaming mouse.

Our top 5 gaming mouse for VALORANT can be found here.

However, if you already own a gaming mouse, you’re good to go.

Begin training right away, and you should see a change in your aim within a few weeks.

Is it possible to use Kovaaks for VALORANT?


Kovaaks may help you improve your aim by helping you become sharper, more accurate, and quicker.

However, it’s preferable if you don’t just practice your aim with Kovaaks.

You must apply what you’ve learnt in Kovaaks to real-world circumstances in the game.

As a result, the Practice Range and Deathmatch are the finest places to put your Kovaaks training to use.

In Kovaaks, how should I prepare for VALORANT?

Following the program here and then practicing in the Practice Range and Deathmatch is the best way to prepare for VALORANT in Kovaaks.

Is Aim Labs a Better Alternative to Kovaaks?


Aim Labs features a more user-friendly UI and superior visuals, but there are less game-specific situations to learn.

The plethora of situations in Kovaaks, in my experience, enables you to practice any part of your aim where you may be lacking.

As a result, I like Kovaaks.

Aim Labs, on the other hand, should not be dismissed.

Aim Labs is the next greatest aim trainer, and you can get started training for free.

What Are Some Other Aim Training Routines?

The following are some more target training programs that I’ve tried and liked:

Final Thoughts

Your aim will help you improve as an FPS player, but it only accounts for 20% of your abilities.

The remaining 80% will come through sharpening your game sense.

As a starting point, check out our beginner’s guide to climbing in VALORANT.

If you want to learn more about aim training, check out our tutorial on how to create the ultimate aim training regimen.

You’ll be well on your way to being a top-fragging machine if you practice both your VALORANT mechanical IQ and your targeting mechanics.

Before you play competitively, get into solid training routines, and I’m sure you’ll see a difference after a time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you!

Have fun gaming!

The “sdk kovaaks routine” is a very effective method to get to plat in the game VALORANT. The routine has been tested and proven by many players, so it is recommended for anyone who wants to get to plat fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kovaaks useful for Valorant?

A: Kovaaks are not useful for Valorant.

What are the best Kovaaks drills for Valorant?

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How do I train for Valorant in Kovaaks?

A: If you want to train for Valorant, then I recommend that you start with a lower difficulty and work your way up. Some good options are the Normal mode of Kovaaks or even Easy in Knight Warrior VR.

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