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There are many smart TVs that can run the Google Play Store. These TVs come with a lot of features and are generally cheaper than other brands like Samsung or LG. They all have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for one it’s worth considering these top picks.

The google play on smart tv is a feature that allows users to download apps from the Google Play Store. There are many different brands of Smart TV’s, each with their own specific features.

The Best Google Play-Enabled Smart TVs ( Complete Buyers Guide)

Here’s something that will blow your mind if you’re a die-hard Android lover. Google, your favorite, has entered the TV market with the Android TV platform.

It’s simply referred to as Android TVs. Also, yeah! It includes the well-known Google Play Store. You can take your enjoyment to the next level with Android TVs.

There’s a lot to explore and enjoy with an Android TV, from Netflix to Amazon to Roku to YouTube to the Google Play Store. The tick tock app is now available on Android TVs. Isn’t it cool?

Before you buy a smart TV, there are a few things you should think about.

Selection Criteria for Smart TVs

Hundreds of smart TVs are available on the market. However, not all televisions will provide you with a fantastic viewing experience.Best-Smart-TVs-With-The-Google-Play-Store-Complete

Here are some of the characteristics you should look for to avoid being confused about which smart TV is best for you.

  • The size of the television is the first aspect to examine. You’ll want to make sure it’s the same size as the area you’re going to put it in. Also, be certain it does not exceed your budget. Using a measuring tape to verify the size of the area cut out for the TV, however, may not be 100% accurate. In this scenario, augmented reality in situ or a variety of mockup cardboard sizes may suffice. Another item to consider is the screen size and how it will impact the potential viewing distance after the TV is installed.
  • The resolution of your television has a significant impact on your watching experience. The pixels or dots that make up your screen are referred to as resolution. The sharpness of the TV’s display is proportional to its pixel count. In other words, when the pixel count is high, the screen’s display is sharper by default. The size of the screen, on the other hand, has an impact on the display. The greatest resolution for contemporary TVs is now 3840 by 2160 pixels, commonly known as 4k display or Ultra HD as most firms refer to it. If you’re on a budget, full HD TVs with 1080 pixels are the way to go. However, if you have a lot of cash to spare, you may want to investigate the 8k display TVs.
  • When looking for a smart TV, look for one that has the latest display technology. Smart TVs are often designed using LED or OLED technology. Both are amazing. It’s tough to say which is superior since various makers of smart OLED and LED TVs put their own spin to the equation. LED TVs, on the other hand, are more costly than OLED TVs. White light-emitting diodes are used in LED LCD screens to improve screen quality. As a consequence, LED LCD displays are crisper than OLED televisions.

55-inch Sony Bravia A8H smart TV

Sony is one of the companies that has wowed the audience with its stunning OLED television sets. You can’t get enough of Sony, which is why they’ve released the Sony Bravia A8H OLED 55-inch Smart TV.

The first thing you’ll notice about this TV is that Sony has improved the quality of its OLED display technology and overall game in the Smart TV market.

To begin with, the A8H 55-inch TV has Sony’s signature simple style. It’s ultra-thin and may be hung on the wall.

If you choose to put it on a table, however, it has rather strong feet that are appropriate for it. It measures 55 inches in length. It features several ports on the left side of the panel, which makes it functional.

Two USB Type-A ports, one HDMI port, a composite video input, headphone output, a third USB port, and three HDMI ports are among the ports. With its 4k resolution, this OLED TV elevates your gaming experience to new heights.


  • Google Assistant may be used to control your television.
  • Alexa is compatible with it.
  • With this Sony TV, you may connect your iPhone and Siri gadgets.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and the Google Play Store all have a wealth of material.
  • The image and sound quality are excellent.


  • If you prefer large TVs, you may not like this one due to its size.

55-inch Sony Bravia X950H smart TV

The x950H is a significant upgrade over the X950G/XG95. For starters, it has a thin bezel design that allows anybody to see the information that pops up on the screen from any angle.

The images are very crisp and clear, with no blurring. The TV has excellent image quality, with excellent contrast, color, and clarity.

The audio quality is also very good. The greatest aspect is that the music and image on the screen are in perfect synchronization.

The noises will be heard at the precise angle from where they are emitted. You’ll also see the image that the author of the material intended for you to view.

The Android TV provides access to a wide range of material from HBO Max, Disney Plus, and other popular platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. With the exception of Apple TV Plus, you have access to content from most platforms.

The speed of this TV is another amazing feature. You may also watch Netflix and other content in 4K with Dolby Vision. Isn’t it fantastic?


  • Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported.
  • Apple’s iPhone and Siri can work together.
  • Delivers high-definition audio and video.
  • There’s a lot of sound and image harmony in this movie.


  • There are no HDMI 2.1 ports on it.

65-inch Sony XBR A9G smart TV

Sony makes a splash on the market with its high-priced 4K smart TV. It’s part of the Sony Master Series and is widely considered as the finest 4K smart TV available.

To begin with, it’s an OLED Smart TV with a superior 4K viewing experience. Because it is built with a picture contrast enhancer for the greatest watching experience, the image quality is extremely remarkable.

It also has the X1 ultimate image processor, which provides realistic color contrasts, clean blacks, and peak brightness. This TV delivers bright, vibrant, and realistic images with great attention to detail.

The audio quality is likewise excellent. It uses image and sound harmony to create a great audio-visual experience.

Every sound that comes out of the screen is crystal clear, giving you that incredible cinematic experience. With this premium 4K TV from Sony, you can transform your living room into a movie theater.

When you turn on Netflix Calibrated Mode on this TV, your Netflix experience will be elevated to new heights. In this setting, the image quality is excellent, giving you a studio assessment master-like experience.


  • The image and sound quality are outstanding.
  • Fantastic visuals and sound.
  • Remote control upgrade


Is Sony Bravia a reputable television manufacturer?

Sony is a well-known industry leader for producing devices with exceptional image and sound quality. They provide TV resolutions ranging from 4k to 8k at a variety of prices.

A Sony Smart TV, particularly a Sony Bravia, can never go wrong. There are a lot of Sony Bravia TVs to choose from. newsflash:

Sony Bravia TVs are designed to last a lifetime without having to be repaired. The Sony Bravia, like other Sony TVs, runs on the Android TV software platform, which has a lot more content than other Smart TV manufacturers.

Their physical appearance is also very remarkable. To answer your inquiry, Sony Bravia is an excellent television manufacturer. You’ll receive a good return on your investment.

What makes Sony Bravia so unique?

To begin with, the Sony Bravia brand is a Sony brand. “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture” is an abbreviation for Bravia.

Perhaps what makes the Sony Bravia brand so unique is that the Sony Bravia product range allows you to easily access content from platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

You can also access and install all of the great games and applications from the GooglePlay Store if you’re a gamer.

When it comes to Sony Bravia TVs, how long do they last?

Sony Bravia TVs, according to user evaluations, may endure up to ten years or more without requiring any maintenance. However, the fact is that how you use your Sony Bravia TV has a significant impact on how long it will survive.

As a result, you must ensure that you take the time to study the manufacturer’s instructions. It would provide you with knowledge that would assist you in determining the best method to utilize it; it would provide you with do’s and don’ts.

43-inch Hisense H6570 smart TV

Despite being a cheap TV, the Hisense H6570 smart TV provides excellent value. This Hisense TV is a fantastic choice to consider if you’re on a budget. This is why:

To begin with, the image quality is very impressive, with a lot of contrast. The H6570 is the smallest in the Hisense TV lineup, yet it comes equipped with Android TV and Dolby Vision.

It also has a 4k UHD image quality, offering you a fantastic watching experience. The H6570, like the other Hisense TVs in its range, runs Android TV.

While Android TV may be sluggish, it’s reasonable to believe that its performance on this cheap TV would be much worse. The situation is, however, the polar opposite. This TV’s Android TV is responsive. It also shows a variety of material from other platforms.

You may watch anything you want on YouTube, Netflix, and other services, and you have access to over 4000 games and applications.

Not to mention that Google Assistant is built into this TV to help with voice control. What’s more, guess what?

On this TV, the Google Assistant works well. You’ll need to connect the remote with Google Assistant through Bluetooth in order to utilize it. It doesn’t take long to pair the remote, and it’s also not rocket science.

When it comes to sound quality, you should consider purchasing a set of speakers since the built-in speakers aren’t very excellent. Nonetheless, you’ll be fine with an external speaker or two.

While this Hisense TV is satisfactory, if you have the funds, consider purchasing a television from one of the major manufacturers. If you’re on a budget, though, this, along with other Hisense TV shows, is your best option for excellent quality at a low cost.

Is Hisense a decent television brand?

Yes, Hisense is a reputable television manufacturer. When compared to the major competitors in the industry like Sony, Samsung, and others, they provide a wide variety of high-quality goods at a reasonable price.

As a result, if you’re on a budget but still want a good Smart TV for entertainment, Hisense is a good choice, particularly with their new TV line-up.


  • Affordable
  • Sound and image quality are both good.
  • It is compatible with Android TV.


  • Plastic has been used to create it.

TCL 40-inch Class 3 Series TCL 40-inch Class 3 Series TCL 40-inch Class 3

TCL is a brand that caters to the low-budget market. As a result, although it doesn’t give outstanding image quality that combats glare, the 1080p LED resolution it offers isn’t terrible.

It’s a good TV that works best in a dark environment or one that doesn’t have a lot of light or brightness. When watching TV in a dark environment, you’ll appreciate the deep blacks it produces.

It makes use of ROKU TV, which provides you with access to over 500,000 TV programs and movies. Gain access to Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other video sites.

If you like sports, Roku TV will be a great fit for you. ROKU TV has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to use.

The remote control is simple to use, and you can even turn your phone or tablet into a voice-activated TV remote. Using your mobile devices, you’ll be able to quickly add and delete channels.


  • Input latency is reduced.
  • It provides incredible picture pre-calibration precision.


  • There isn’t any HDR support.

Is TCL a reputable brand?

TCL is a fantastic brand in general. They, like Hisense, offer a sophisticated line of devices with excellent image and sound quality.

What’s more, guess what? A TCL TV may be yours for a reasonable price. They do not, however, have as many features as major manufacturers like as Samsung, Sony, LG, and others.

What is the meaning of TCL?

Telephone Communication Limited (TCL) is a company based in the United Kingdom.

Is TCL a manufacturer of its own panels?

TCL manufactures its panels in-house. This prohibits them from buying panels from major manufacturers like as Samsung, LG, Sony, and others.

TCL was created in which country?

TCL is a Chinese electronics company that is controlled by the government. It began as an audio cassette maker in 1981 under the moniker TTK.

After a legal battle in 1985, it changed its name to TCL Technology. The company’s headquarters are located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.

How Much Should You Pay for a Google Play Store-Enabled Smart TV?

Smart TVs with GooglePlay Store do not have a set pricing. All you have to do is shop from reputable and well-known brands. On that point, the pricing of GooglePlay Store-enabled Smart TVs vary by brand.

Smart TVs are available from a variety of manufacturers, with costs ranging from high to cheap.

Select the TV with GooglePlay Store that you want to purchase and search it up on Amazon or on the company’s website to find out how much it costs.

The android smart tv is a new category of televisions that run on the Android operating system. They are becoming more popular, and they offer many features that other smart TVs do not.

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