How to fix email error 550 when sending an email

When you’re trying to send an email and it ends up in your spam folder, the receiving party has received a “550 5.7.1 Unable to relay” error message from the mail server because they cannot verify the sender’s identity. If this is happening when sending emails with Gmail or Outlook., then there are some steps you can take to get around 550 errors for email preparation messages sent via Microsoft Exchange servers such as Office 365, OneDrive Business Edition, G Suite etc…
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When sending an email, you may receive the “550 5.7.1 Error” error when trying to send it. This is a simple fix that can be done in seconds.

How to fix email error 550 when sending an email


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8th of December, 2021

Originally published in September 2019

  • The SMTP is closely tied to the email error 550, which may occur with any client or account.
  • When the outgoing server fails to send the email stating that the recipient’s inbox is unavailable, this issue arises.
  • This problem might be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrect email address entry or malware infestation.



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The email error 550 may occur in a variety of email clients, including Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. When certain users send emails using client software, the issue occurs.

The actual error messages that appear may differ significantly, but they will all include the 550 error code. As a result, users’ client software is unable to send emails to particular recipients.

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) error 550 occurs while sending emails. When error 550 occurs because the recipient’s mailbox isn’t accessible, the SMTP server hasn’t delivered the email.

What causes the 550 error in email?

This might be due to a variety of factors, and in some circumstances, the problem may be one that only the intended receiver, not the sender, can resolve.

It’s possible that your email client isn’t set up correctly, or that a more vigilant firewall is blocking it. The most common reason of this error is because you typed in the incorrect email address.

This issue might also arise if the receiver is unable to receive your email due to a technical issue or if he has banned your domain.

What is the solution to the email error 550?

1. Make sure there are no mistakes in your email address.


Typos in email might cause Error 550. As a result, double-check that you’ve typed in the correct email address. Before pressing the submit button, double-check the email address for typos, unusual characters, or spaces.

The recipient’s server may be offline when an email is sent, albeit this is unlikely. So, let it a few minutes or hours and then send the email again.

2. Is the IP address of the email server blacklisted?

  1. When error 550 occurs, it’s possible that an anti-spam filter has blacklisted the server IP/domain for the email server. Open the MX Lookup page to see whether this is the case.1638937149_621_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  2. Click the MX Lookup button after entering your email domain in the text field. The IP address for the email domain specified will then be shown.1638937150_692_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  3. You’ll get a list of hostnames and IP addresses for webmail servers, and you can simply press the Blacklist Check option for each one to check whether it’s been blacklisted.1638937151_439_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  4. You may simply go straight to the blacklist check page and input your IP address into the text box, then click the Blacklist Check button to see a list of email blacklists.1638937152_405_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email

If the blacklist check reveals that the email IP address given has been blacklisted by an anti-spam filter, you won’t be able to send the messages. If possible, send the message to a different email address.

Set up a new webmail account at Yahoo, Gmail, or another provider in a matter of minutes if you don’t already have one.

3. Make SMTP authentication available.

  1. If you’re using Outlook, go to the File menu and choose File.How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  2. If you have several accounts, choose one from the top, click Account Settings, and then select Server Settings from the menu.1638937153_683_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  3. Select the My outgoing server (SMTP) needs authentication check box, and double-check that the Use similar settings as my incoming mail server option is also selected, then click Next.1638937154_449_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  4. By going to Tools and Account Settings in Mozilla Thunderbird, users may set up SMTP authentication.1638937154_928_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  5. On the left side of the window, click Outgoing Server.
  6. Next, choose an email server and click the Edit button to bring up the box shown below:1638937155_351_How-to-fix-email-error-550-when-sending-an-email
  7. Then you’ll need to input your email server’s SMTP settings. Enter as the server address and 587 or 465 as the TLS/SSL port numbers if you have a Gmail account.
  8. After you’ve entered all of the necessary information, click the OK button.

What can I do to avoid the email error 550?

Despite the fact that this occurrence is unpredictable and difficult to determine the specific reason, there are certain things you may do to avoid it.

Anti-spam filters should be used.

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One possible reason of this issue is that your email client has been compromised and is sending spam messages to all of your contacts.

Anti-spam filters from a good antivirus may prevent this from occurring in the first place. In truth, it will increase your PC’s and data’s general security, so it’s a smart idea in any case.

Changing the frequency of sending emails is a good idea.

Sending too many emails in a short period of time might make servers think you’re a spammer attempting to clog the network, and your email will be banned as a result.

So, if you’re sending more than 50 emails every hour, take it easy and you won’t get in trouble.

Change your password on a regular basis.

The spammer situation occurs because you most likely have a weaker password that has been compromised by criminals.

Changing your password on a regular basis and choosing a more difficult key can cure this issue and avoid future ones.

The email error 500 will be fixed if you follow these steps. However, by turning off their antivirus software firewalls or clearing their inboxes, the intended email recipients may be able to resolve the problem.

If the recipient’s email is banned, the only way to resolve the problem is to contact the individual through another communication channel.

If your email client isn’t working, you may want to look at the top email programs for Windows and choose a better option.

If you have any thoughts or alternative solutions that we may have neglected, please let us know in the comments area and we will respond.

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The “server error ‘550 outgoing mail from has been suspended” is an email error that can occur. There are a number of fixes to fix the issue, but the most common one is to contact your ISP and ask them to increase their outgoing mail limit.

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A: You will have to re-download the game from your origin account and then it should be fixed.

What does a 550 email error mean?

A: This could mean that there is a problem with your email address, or the domain name associated with it.

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A: You can likely fix this error by running your application on a different port. The default port for Beat Saber is 3478, but you may wish to try 647 as well since it is less used and there are fewer security risks involved with using something like that.

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