Slax Linux – Give New Life To Your Old PC In 2021

Future Technology is here! Slax Linux gives you an easy way to turn your old PC into a new one by converting the hard drive. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then read on and discover more about how it works before purchasing.

Slax Linux is a simple and lightweight Linux distribution that can be used on old computers. It will give new life to your old PC in 2021.

Slax Linux - Give New Life To Your Old PC In 2021

Is your computer running slowly? Boot times that last a long time? What’s the matter with your performance? Linux is laid-back. is the solution to these problems. If you want to give your outdated PC or laptop a new lease of life, Slax Linux is the operating system for you.

Slax Linux is another another Linux distribution to add to the big list. When it comes to vintage PCs or laptops, though, things are a little different. Slax is a small Linux distribution. It’s compact, quick, and simple to use. Most importantly, it is the correct operating system for your old PC or laptop.

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to use Slax with your old Windows PC. You’ll need to know how to obtain it, set it up, and configure it for that. Installing Linux distributions is as simple as installing Windows, but customizing them might be challenging.

It will be as user-friendly as any other OS with a few clicks and instructions here and there. So, here’s how you may resurrect your old PC by installing and using Slax.

Slax Linux

Slax is a lightweight operating system, as previously stated. When you check at its ISO size, which is just approximately 300 MB, you can notice it. It is also known as pocket OS. It may be installed on a USB drive, making it very portable. Simply connect the USB to the PC and boot from it. Slax Linux, unlike other small-sized Linux distros, provides a graphical interface despite its size and mobility.

Slax comes with a number of pre-installed software, including browsers and a number of other useful programs. You have access to a wide range of applications since you’re using a Debian-based Linux distribution. The Debian ecosystem has benefitted Slax. As a result, it contains a complete Debian repository as well as all of the packages. Now, let’s look at how to set up Slax on your computer.

Slax Linux Installation on an Old PC or Laptop

Slax is rather simple to set up. The installation procedure is outlined in the stages below.

Obtaining Slax

To begin, you must first get the slax Linux iso from the links given below.


Slax Linux may be downloaded from its official website,, by selecting your computer’s bit and downloading it. The following are the results.

> Slax 64-bit for 64-bit

Slax 32-bit > 32-bit for 32-bit

Creating media for installation

To install or operate Slax, you may make a bootable USB disk. To make a bootable USB for Slax Linux, follow the procedures below.

  • Check to see that your pen drive is in good working order.
  • To open an ISO file, you’ll need software. If you are using a Windows or Linux operating system, use 7-zip to open the ISO file if you are unable to do so.
  • Now format the pendrive, ensuring that it is MBR partitioned and FAT32 formatted. You can do this with any partitioning software. Any USB drive uses the MBR partition scheme by default, and you may convert it to FAT32 using the Windows option.
  • Copy the slax folder to the root of the pendrive.

To make the disk bootable, type a command in the terminal or use CMD, or just double-click files.

For those that utilize Windows,

  • After transferring files to usb, look for bootinst.bat in the slax/boot folder.
  • You may either double-click it or run it by typing CMD in the current directory.
  • It will then make any necessary adjustments so that your bios recognizes USB as a bootable device.

Linux users should read this.

  • In the case of Linux, you must look for
  • Once you’ve ran the script, you’re ready to go.

Now you have a bootable USB device. Simply choose USB as a boot option in your BIOS.

Slax Linux Installation

When you see the Slax logo after launching from USB, hit ESC kay for 3 to 4 seconds to see the installation option. There are three alternatives available here. They’re detailed farther down.

  1. To save modifications when booting from a USB disk, run Slax (Keep changes permanent).
  2. Run Slax (Fresh Start): Every time, a new copy of Slax is booted.
  3. Run Slax (Copy to RAM): This option loads Slax straight into RAM, allowing you to detach the USB device while continuing using Slax.

This is a portable operating system that may be run straight from a USB disk. That is why it is referred to as a portable operating system.

Video Instructions:


After installing SLax Linux, run it.

You may use Slax like any other GUI OS after installing it. Slax is a simple and user-friendly operating system. It fully utilizes Debian repositories and packages. As a result, you may use the apt command to get any program you choose. As soon as the installation is completed, run apt update. It will ensure that all repositories are up to date.

Another thing to keep in mind is that modifications are only permanent when utilizing a USB drive. If you utilize the first option when booting, your changes will only be stored. Those who want to boot from a CD/DVD must take extra measures. To save changes, use the save changes command. You’ll also need to give the file a path, which you can do with the command savechanges /tmp/ These are referred to as modules. The following command may be used to activate and disable the module.

To make the module active, click here.

activate slax

Module deactivation

deactivate slax

This is all you need to know about Slax Linux as a regular Linux user. It’s a Linux distribution that’s both lightweight and configurable. Give it a go and breathe fresh life into your aging computer or laptop.

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