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Costco is a terrific place to go if you want to purchase things in bulk. However, many consumers prefer to purchase off-price items from non-wholesale retailers. Plus, you can’t always acquire certain items at bulk retailers like Costco; you’ll need to go to a business that specializes in such items.

As a result, I’ve included a list of some of the greatest stores, such as Costco, where you can have all of your specialized requirements met. These shops mentioned below have a large number of locations around the United States, so you won’t have any problem locating them, and they also provide reasonable discounts. 

What are the greatest stores, such as Costco, to shop at for the best bargains?

Name Best For Our Opinion Website
Walmart a retail establishment 4/5
Target a retail establishment 4/5
JCPenney Interior Design 3.5/5
Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain in the United States. Store of Groceries 3.5/5
Macy’s Clothes Shop 4/5
The Home Depot is a retailer that sells a variety Store for Home Improvement 4/5
Best Buy Electronics 4/5

Walmart is number one.


Walmart, like Costco, is a large retail store where many people shop on a regular basis. It’s a terrific store like Costco since it sells everything from cakes to pharmaceuticals. Walmart has a wide variety of things available at reasonable pricing.

Walmart has approximately 4700 locations throughout the United States, so you should have no trouble finding one and shopping there.

Walmart’s rating

Walmart receives a four-star rating.

2. Target


Target, like Costco, is a fantastic retail shop. Target also provides a large selection of goods and things to choose from. It is presently the 8th largest retail shop in the United States, and it is a viable Costco substitute.

Target also boasts almost 2000 locations throughout the United States, so you’re virtually certain to find one near you. 

Targeted Evaluation

Target receives a four-star rating.

JCPenney is number three.  


If you’re shopping for home decor, JCPenney is another wonderful option similar to Costco. It features some fantastic discount offers on their product range, as well as some fantastic women’s wardrobes.

JCPenney has 689 locations around the United States, as well as a shop in Puerto Rico.

JCPenney’s rating

JCPenney has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

Trader Joe’s is number four on the list.


If you’re wanting to stock up on goods, Trader Joe’s is a terrific alternative to Costco. It includes all of the goods you’ll need, as well as some unique products. Trader Joe’s also provides you with their own recipes for the items you’ve just bought!

Trader Joe’s has just the right number of locations around the United States. It has around 320 locations, which isn’t as many as Walmart or Target, but they’re located in the most popular places, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding them.

Trader Joe’s rating

Trader Joe’s has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

5. Macy’s


If you like shopping, Macy’s might be a terrific alternative to Costco. We would have heard the name Macy’s a lot.

They are a department shop that sells women’s apparel, mattresses and baths, watches, and other products. It may become your one-stop shop for all of your accessories.

Macy’s has over 518 locations around the United States, making them quite simple to locate and purchase from.

Macy’s has a rating system. 

Macy’s receives a four-star rating.

The Home Depot is number six.


If you’re seeking to improve your home, The Home Depot might be a terrific alternative to Costco. The House Depot has everything you could possibly need for your home, as well as a lot more!

They also have some fantastic Black Friday deals. The Home Depot has approximately 2500 locations throughout the United States, making them incredibly simple to find and purchase from.

The Home Depot’s rating 

The Home Depot has a four-star rating. 

Best Buy is number seven.


If you’re searching for an electronics shop similar to Costco, Best Buy is the place to go. In terms of gadgets, Best Buy offers everything from A to Z. You’ll be able to purchase all of the necessary technological devices, as well as exercise equipment!

Best Buy now has over 956 shops in the United States, as well as a fantastic online where you can place orders.

Best Buy’s rating

Best Buy receives a four-star rating. 

Last but not least, 

Costco offers some fantastic goods, but it caters mostly to wholesalers. If you are looking for particular items such as electronics or food, or want a better retail experience than Costco, the above-mentioned establishments should meet your demands.

The “stores like walmart and target” is a list that includes the best stores for shopping. The article also mentions other stores, such as Costco, to help you find the best deals.

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