What are the best snake games for PC?

Snake games are a classic and have been around since the early 1970s. The game is simple, but challenging and has spawned many sequels over the years. It’s also one of the most popular mobile games in history with more than 20 million downloads on the iOS App Store alone.

The play snake is a game in which the player controls a snake that eats apples. It was originally created for Atari, but has since been ported to many platforms.


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Originally published in January 2019

  • If you remember ancient Nokia built-in games like Snake, this post will bring back memories. 
  • These enjoyable games provide all you need to spend your free time and relax. 
  • We hand-picked the best Snake games so you may enjoy the classics while also playing variants with improved visuals.  


Snakes crawling about us would certainly give us the creeps, but that hasn’t prevented them from appearing in some of the first and most popular games we’ve ever played on our phones or computers.

What are some of the greatest snake games on PC?


This is an action-puzzle game in which you lead the snake through different realms, unlike the other games on our list. Snake Physics allows you to climb over different things in the 3D environment in order to travel about.

The game consists of 15 levels split into four themes, each with its own set of features and dangers to keep you on your toes. The game’s difficulty curve is organic, so it should offer a good challenge for all players.

Snake Pass is a unique snake game with physics and beautiful graphics that is available on several platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, and it is fully compatible with various controllers. If you want a unique snake game with physics and beautiful graphics, we recommend giving it a try.


  • A lovely 3D environment
  • There are 15 levels in all, split into four themes.
  • Snake Physics gives you a one-of-a-kind movement style.
  • PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are all available.

Snake Pass is available from G2A.


This fun game is a logic-based turn-based game that resembles a nontraditional version of the famous snake game from the past.

In a nutshell, the primary objective of this game is not to feed your snake since the roles are reversed. You are, in effect, the meal, and your goal is to flee the chasing snakes.

As a result, this new concept opens up a new world in which you may go deep at any moment. The beautiful quality and gaming experience are provided by the 3D visuals and strong dynamics.

As a result, regardless of its popularity or the quality it offers, you have no reason to shun this award-winning gameplay. You should give it a go and see if you can survive in this smart snake game.

SnakEscape is available through Green Man Gaming.


It’s a browser-based multiplayer game. It’s also a very new game, having just been released in 2016. However, the fact that it has climbed to the top of the popularity rankings is evidence enough of the game’s addictive nature. The game’s rules are also straightforward: players must control snake-like animals.

As a result, the snake will be very active at first, but will become clumsy as it matures. You’ll be able to eat and grow orbs, but you’ll be up against hundreds of other snakes in the process.

The snakes also eat multi-colored pellets, which cause them to increase in size. And the more the snake grows, the more interesting the game becomes.

In addition, this is a fun game to play with your friends and compete against other online gamers. The visuals are simple and bright, and it’s a lot of fun attempting to devour other snakes and progress through the levels.

The goal is to dodge obstacles while searching for food. However, as the snake gets larger, it loses its reflexes, posing a new obstacle.

Overall, a game like this ensures quality time spent with friends or family. It contains everything you need to immediately improve your mood while maintaining a traditional gaming experience.

Obtain Slither.io


This game allows you to create snakes out of balls. However, the goal here is to use the snake you’ve constructed to shatter the bricks. The more bricks you break, the more points you’ll get. You also receive additional balls to create a larger snake, which should help you break through more blocks.

Overall, it’s a straightforward game, but you may have mixed emotions about it once you start playing. Getting high scores may not be as simple as it seems.

The majority of players like the game, and it provides enjoyable moments for anybody looking to pass the time. It has the potential to become addicted quickly and to help you detach from the outer world.

The rule is straightforward: if your snake balls are less than the bricks, you lose. As a result, you must safeguard your snake and master it.

Obtain Snake vs. Block!


It’s yet another online multiplayer game. Things begin with a single cell, but as you consume things, your size grows. The twist is that you can also split into two, which comes in handy when you need to deal with opponents because a two-pronged approach is frequently preferable than a single head-on assault.

All of this is enough to entice millions of internet gamers to the realm of Agar.io’s snakes. It may get addicting as you go, as you develop and attempt to catch others.

The concept is similar to that of other similar games in that you must develop your little snake until it is powerful enough to devour other players without difficulty. If you want to perform effectively, you’ll need to pay attention and maintain control.

Since a result, you should play this game in your free time in order to become the king snake and carefully conquer your zone, as the larger you become, the more control you’ll need.

Obtain Agar.io


It’s a contemporary snake game based on the traditional concept of eating food blocks to grow bigger. So far, so good, but as soon as your snakehead comes into contact with the body, you’re out. Overall, it’s a basic game, but the enjoyment starts as the size increases.

This simple game is designed to help you unwind and forget about the stresses of your day. The sole goal here is to gather eggs and strengthen the snake.

You may also personalize your snake’s skin by altering the snake’s kind or the color of the eggs.

As a result, while controlling the subject in the goal of eating the eggs, you will improve your attention skills and experience an adrenaline rush.

Obtain 250k Snake


It’s an online game with an intriguing premise: anybody who touches another snake explodes and is eliminated from the game. All you have to do now is avoid colliding with other snakes.

At the same time, you must portray yourself as a potential target for others, since anybody who comes into contact with you will explode. After that, you may eat their remnants to gain weight. As a result, the longer you live, the more points you accumulate.

Another intriguing feature of Snake Attack is that you may be deadly even if you are little and new to the game. Size doesn’t matter, but the larger you are, the more likely you are to be struck by others or, conversely, to be hit by others.

As a result, your control and awareness abilities are the most important. That’s because you’re in responsible of carefully directing the snake while dominating the other gamers.

Obtain Snake Attack


This is another snake game that will keep you hooked to the screen for quite some time. However, the rules are straightforward: you must rotate the snake clockwise or counterclockwise to progress. Eat as many fruits as you can to acquire weight while avoiding the stumbling blocks.

However, keep in mind that as you become longer, you don’t want to end up biting your own tail. The show comes to a close right there.

This updated version will surely offer pleasure to those gamers who remember the original Nokia built-in games like Snake or Bounce. This arcade game is quite similar to the original one, but with much better visuals and more challenging levels.

So, whether you’re nostalgic for this game or not, you should celebrate right away to unwind your mind.

Snake Munch is a game that you may play online.


The title may be deceptive since it has nothing to do with playing specific music to dancing snakes. Rather, it’s a modernized version of the original Snake game. However, there are a few other levels to select from that govern the snake’s speed.

Surprisingly, there is a secret “Boss” key that will rescue you if you are discovered playing the game during business hours.

This 3D snake game is based on the S60 version of the traditional and lengthy snake gameplay, but it has been tweaked to appear better on a larger screen. A 1-100 level picker is a fantastic tool that allows you to determine the difficulty level.

So, if you want authentic maps and excellent dynamics to enjoy the game, check out this snake version.

Obtain Snake Charmer.


Another clone of the famous Snake game, although this one is a little different. Moving around is difficult due to the random appearance of obstacles. When you add in the moving mice that you must hunt on a regular basis in order to live and increase in size, you have a lot to cope with.

Overall, a fun game that will keep you entertained for a while. The simplicity and addictive mechanics of this classic snake-inspired game will win you over.

As a result, you should give this game a go since you will undoubtedly have fun while increasing your level.

Obtain Snake Hunt

That pretty much sums up the greatest snake games on your PC. The aforementioned snake games may be both soothing and stimulating for your mind, whether it’s to pass the time or take your mind off of something more demanding.

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