Driver Booster 9 Reviewed 2021

Drivers Booster 9 is a popular Windows driver updater tool. The software utilizes the Microsoft Driver Easy, which offers drivers updated on a regular basis to help with computer performance and security.

Driver Booster 9 is a software that allows users to update drivers for their hardware. The program has been reviewed by 2021 people, and the reviews are mostly positive. Read more in detail here: driver booster review.

The installation of drivers is the first and most critical step in allowing users to use the computer. Furthermore, to guarantee performance, prevent hardware faults, and other system issues, these drivers must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis while in use.  

Typically, users will install it manually, which entails searching for and installing each driver one at a time. However, this approach may take a long time and is fraught with dangers. Everything has gotten much easier with the use of software that helps update drivers, such as IObit Driver Updater & Driver Booster.

What Is Driver Booster 9 and How Does It Work?


Perhaps the name IObit isn’t as weird as it once was. It’s difficult not to mention the name IObit when it comes to PC optimization software producers.

Driver Booster is another piece of software produced by this firm. Driver Booster is a free Windows driver updater that scans for outdated computer hardware drivers on a regular basis.

Driver Booster is like a rare rescuer, with over 8 million drivers and game-optimizing components. Drivers may be downloaded and updated with only a few mouse clicks. 


Driver Booster 9 Review

Outstanding performance

Almost every long-term Driver Booster 9 customer has said that the program performs well. I’ve only tried it once, but I believe these reviews are correct. Any issues with the driver download are resolved immediately, with little downtime. The ability to scan and update at breakneck speed and with little fuss.

Center for Animal Rescue 

It’s the feature in Driver Booster 9 that has piqued my attention the most. It is essential to update a driver that is compatible with other components of the computer. As a result, the driver update tool must be entirely trustworthy. Rescue Center is a program that may assist you if your device’s driver fails to install. You will have backup copies of your drivers thanks to the Rescue Center for quick recovery if they are lost. The System Restore Component, which seems quite safe, is another similarly useful section. When your system undergoes unexpected changes, the System Restore section produces a system restore point. If your computer fails, this restore point will restore everything. 

Audio Drivers should be updated

Driver Booster 9 does an excellent job of resolving input needs difficulties. It provides a number of practical approaches for preventing problems with user requirements. The soundcard is an area where Driver Booster excels. 

Database of Drivers

Driver Booster 9’s library of 8 million drivers and current gaming components is a fantastic resource. The program was designed to work in a variety of situations, such as when your devices are too old to update drivers or when official websites block drivers. 

System Enhancement

The system booster setup in Driver Booster 9 is sophisticated. This utility module will quickly wipe away junk files, privacy traces, and repeated registry entries. This module also has the ability to optimize the system and increase Internet speed.

Games with Enhanced Boost


Game Boost is extremely important; it is not only used while playing games, but it is also required when doing any work. Game Booster will make you feel better if you’re frustrated of the sluggish pace of background service programs. Wow, it’s so silky smooth. You’ll have no problem having fun with your games. It is this feature that prevents any bothersome programs from operating in the background.


Driver Booster 9 is the greatest free driver updater for PCs that helps optimize Windows drivers and is well-known among PC and laptop users. The software has over 8 million various kinds of drivers for today’s hardware devices, allowing you to install any driver that is missing from your PC. 

Hopefully, this essential program will assist your PC – Laptop in performing at its best. This program is highly recommended by me to anybody seeking for the greatest free driver updater.

The “iobit driver booster” is a software program that allows users to clean and optimize their computer. It has been reviewed by 2021 reviewers, with an overall rating of 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest version of driver booster?

A: Version 5.1 is the latest version of Driver Booster, available on Website and mobile app stores.

Is Driver Booster worth paying for?

A: Its a bit of a tough question, as the answer will depend on your needs. For those that want to optimize their PC for better performance and dedicating themselves into optimizing it over time is definitely worth investing in Driver Booster since you can do so with ease. If you dont care about optimization or have little patience, then there are probably cheaper options for you out there.

Do driver boosters really work?

A: Driver boosters are a device that is inserted into the cars power supply. They work by introducing an electrical charge to the motor, making it run faster and smoother for longer periods of time.

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