5+ best Blu-Ray creator software for high-quality burning

Blu-ray discs are a type of optical disc storage medium used for storing data and have been around since the early 2000s. A lot has changed in terms of technology, but the basics remain the same. This article will help you find the best Blu-Ray burning software to meet your needs.

The best blu-ray burning software 2021 is a list of the best Blu-Ray creator software. This article will cover 5+ of the best Blu-Ray burner software for high quality burning.


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Date published: December 2020

  • Blu-ray is a high-definition video storage technology that can hold several gigabytes of data.
  • In this post, we’ll show you how to make Blu-ray movies using the finest software available.
  • These may be used to store current video files as well as to generate new ones.
  • Editing and customizing capabilities, as well as error-free burn features, are among our top choices.


Blu-ray is without a doubt the most powerful video content center available today, and it represents a significant upgrade over the previous DVD medium.

However, as compared to the DVD media, it is less convenient to use on a PC. Nonetheless, Blu-Ray formats allow you to watch high-definition videos (from a variety of sources).

This may be accomplished easily by producing (or, to put it another way, burning) high-quality videos (from a variety of sources) on Blu-Ray discs. As a result, in this article, we’ll show you some of the most dependable Blu-Ray maker software available.

The CD was formerly the most popular video storage media. DVDs eventually took over. Then there’s Blu-Ray, which comes in three main forms: disc, ISO image file, and folders.

You’ll need a specific kind of computer software, officially known as Blu-ray maker software, to produce high-quality movies in any of these formats. The DVD authoring process is the last stage in post-production.

It involves mixing video with pictures, artwork, user menus, chapter points, text, music, overdubs, commentary, animation, autoplay, repeat settings, and other elements.

As a result, we’ll look at six of the finest blu-ray maker and DVD making software for your convenience. Any of these may be used to make Blu-ray videos with ease.


WinX is the finest Free DVD Author program for creating customized DVDs that you can find.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe are also included in this bundle. Together, they provide a comprehensive DVD authoring suite.

Unlike other free DVD burners that only take one or a limited number of video inputs, WinX accepts nearly all of your movies. It also includes a built-in function that allows you to quickly remove any unwelcome parts.

It also allows you to add (*.srt) subtitles to the Blu-ray DVD disc to make it seem more professional and understandable.

Other notable characteristics include:

  • YouTube downloader built-in
  • Creator of menus
  • Setting the aspect ratio

The greatest thing about WinX is its simple and straightforward bilingual interface, which is free of advertisements. This program is simple to install and use since the installer does not include any extras.


WinX DVD Author is a program that creates DVDs.

It allows you to make customized and high-quality Blu-ray DVDs quickly and easily.


Burning NCH Express is a Windows and Mac optical disc creation software. It can burn music, data, and video discs to CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray formats.

You may simply make data, MP3, or audio CDs using the program, which supports all kinds of CD, CD-R, or CD-RW. You may also burn music, video, or data to DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

It includes the whole DVD making toolkit, allowing you to build your own menus, select from templates, and customize any template with unique graphics.

The program is simple to use; just drag and drop files into the application, and the software will take care of the rest.

It works with all 64-bit Windows versions, from Windows XP to the most recent Windows 10. It is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

The following are the main significant characteristics of NCH Express Burn:

  • Data CDs may be burned in ISO/Joliet, UDF, or Hybrid formats.
  • Data and video CDs may be burned on Blu-ray discs.
  • Dual-layer DVD/Blu-ray burning is supported.
  • For automation and integration with other applications, use the command line.
  • DVD authoring templates include menu and button templates.
  • On DVD and Blu-ray discs, you may create and manage chapters.


NCH Express Burn

With menu and button layouts for DVD creation, you can burn Blu-ray discs quickly and easily.


Roxio Creator NXT 8 is a software program developed by Roxio. is a multimedia suite that allows you to edit video and audio files.

It’s another excellent option for burning Blu-Ray discs without sacrificing quality. With its built-in video editor and audio file enhancer, it may really help you increase the quality.

You may begin working on your media files by dragging and dropping them onto the workspace.

Roxio offers a variety of editing tools to help you produce professional-looking files. You may create menus, choose from a variety of layouts, and more.

If you need more sophisticated editing capabilities, the Roxio VideoWave editor included in this package may be used.

You may also use the burning program to generate actual disc labels. You’ll be able to build completely finished projects while also keeping track of your media assets.

Roxio DVD Creator also has the following features:

  • Screen recording and webcam
  • At the same time, you may burn numerous CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.
  • Most file formats can be copied
  • Feature of encryption

Roxio Creator NXT 8 is a product that requires a license. You may get your money back within 30 days if you are dissatisfied with its features.


Roxio Creator NXT 8

With numerous templates, an audio quality booster, a chapter generator, security measures, and more, you can create professional-level Blu-rays.


Our list of the best Blu-ray maker software is completed by Blu-ray Creator by Xilisoft. It is one of the most commonly used applications for producing Blu-ray movies and videos on Windows PCs.

It was created specifically for Windows and is compatible with almost any known Windows machine, including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

All known video formats may be converted to Blu-ray using this program (or DVD). It can also output in a variety of formats, including BD-50, BD-25, BD-R and BD-RE, ISO image, DVD disc, and more.

With such a broad variety of capabilities, Xilisoft is easily one of the finest options for converting Camcorder/ Camera/Phone/Downloaded movies to Blu-ray format(s).

You may also modify your videos using Xilisoft Blu Ray Creator. You may cut and clip, apply effects, add watermarks, and insert images, among other things.

Because the program enables you to play them side by side, you can readily compare before and after footage in real time.

Xilisoft has a number of notable characteristics, including:

  • Support for multi-core CPUs
  • Support for a variety of input and output formats
  • Video conversion rate has been improved.
  • Importing subtitles and audio files
  • Support for several HD resolutions is available.

Xilisoft offers both a free and a licensed version, both of which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator

With XiliSoft’s various HD resolutions support and optimal video conversion rate, you can convert any video to Blue-ray.


DVDFab is probably the most prominent developer of DVD/Blu-ray solutions. The program allows users to burn almost any kind of film onto Blu-ray discs, including HD and UHD media.

You may also backup similar movies on your PC by converting them to Blu-ray ISO files or Blu-ray folders. This allows you to enjoy an unrivaled Blu-ray experience on movies (or videos) that were previously unavailable.

Furthermore, the DVDFab Blu-ray creation program is optimized for both Windows and Mac computers. The program is compatible with all current Windows operating systems, from Win7 to Win10.

It also supports all major Blu-ray output formats, including BD-R, BD-RE, BD-50, BD-25, BD-5, and BD-9, among others. To play produced Blu-ray movies on your computer, you’ll need to connect a Blu-ray drive to your system.

Multi-format compatibility (for MKV, MP4, FLV, WMA, 3GP, and many others), ISO backup support, Intel Quick Sync support, an automated shut down, progress monitoring/review, easy and configurable UI, preview window, and more are all included in the DVDFab Blu-ray creation program.

It’s simple to make HD and UHD Blu ray discs from regular videos; there are just four procedures to follow. Follow the instructions below to make a video from an HD video using this maker software:

  • Start the DVDFab Blu-ray Creator program.
  • Start by loading the original video.
  • Choose the output size and quality.
  • Begin the process of creation.


Blu Ray Creator by DVD Fab

DVD Fab’s backup support allows you to create Blu-Ray media files from a variety of input sources.


Wondershare DVD Creator is a program that allows you to create DVDs is a little piece of software that can burn media files on DVD and Blu-Ray discs in a variety of formats.

Only Windows users have access to the Blu-Ray burning functionality. Due to sophisticated, error-prevention technology, Wondershare guarantees a high success rate and a quick procedure.

You may either upload pre-made movies and go straight to the burning procedure, or you can edit your video first. Trim, crop, brightness changes, and special effects are just a few of Wondershare’s editing choices.

You may also use the pre-made themes for chapters and titles to make your movies simpler to follow. Subtitles may also be added and edited using Wondershare.

You may also use the program to produce video content from scratch. Various movies may be combined, pictures can be inserted and slideshows created, and multiple media files can be combined, among other things.

The following are some of the other important features of Wondershare DVD Creator:

  • Multiple videos may be burned at the same time.
  • CD
  • Background images/music that can be changed
  • maker of thumbnails
  • maker of watermarks

Wondershare DVD Creator is a licensed software that comes in three editions. It also comes with a trial version, which contains most of the premium features but adds a watermark to all of your output files.


Wondershare DVD Creator

Enjoy premium quality movies with this quick and simple program that has a high success rate!


Blu-ray Creator by Aiseesoft is one of the most commonly used applications for converting normal videos to Blu-ray discs, ISO files, and folders. Aiseesoft is arguably the finest Blu-ray maker software available in terms of system (Windows) compatibility.

The program is compatible with nearly all versions of Windows, from the most recent Windows 10 to Windows XP SP2.

Furthermore, Aiseesoft does not need any high-end system requirements to operate properly: You’re ready to start after your system has >1GB of RAM, a >1 GHz 64-bit CPU, and >200MB of hard drive space.

Multi-format video support, Video to ISO conversion, external subtitles & audio tracks (customizable), BD-50/BD-25 output formats, customizable template/interface, video editing (clip, watermarks, crop, and the like), video preview (during conversion and edition), batch burning, and many other features are included in Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator.

The Aiseesoft maker program has a very user-friendly interface that allows anybody to quickly produce Blu-ray videos.

To do so, just follow the steps below:

  • Connect a Blu-ray drive to your computer’s desktop or laptop.
  • Insert a blank Blu-ray disc.
  • On your computer, open Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator.
  • By selecting Add Files from the menu, you may load video from a source.
  • Make changes to your settings (audio/subtitles, for example).
  • By selecting Create, you may begin the converting process.


Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator

The finest video to Blu-ray creator program that allows you to burn any video to a Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO file.


Another popular Blu-ray creation program is Blu-ray Creator by Leawo. It may be used to convert almost any video format to Blu-ray. This program may also be used to burn picture slideshows or screenshots on DVD discs, in addition to creating Blu-ray movies.

Leawo Blu-ray Creator runs on Windows (and macOS), and it works with a variety of Windows versions, including Windows Vista and Windows 10. It also supports over 180 different video/image formats, such as MKV, MP4, VOB, MPEG (image), MOV, JPG (image), BMP (image), PNG (image), and many more.

In addition, Leawo Blu-ray maker program can generate Blu-ray videos/images from a variety of sources, including downloaded HD videos, camcorder footage, screenshots, and phone/web cam-recorded movies. BD-50 and BD-25 (as well as DVD 5/9) are commonly supported output formats.

The following are some of the key features of the Leawo Blu-ray maker software:

  • There are over 40 disc choices to choose from.
  • Various video and picture formats
  • Photo editor/slideshow
  • Video editor with plenty of features
  • Blu-ray media player built-in
  • Support for 4K
  • Conversion of several files at once (to Blu-ray)


Leawo Blu-ray Creator

With just one piece of software, you can make and convert high-quality movies, slideshows, edit pictures, and play all of your media files.

If you want to make a Blu-ray disc, ISO image, or folder using camcorders, cameras, webcams, or internet movies, the Blu-ray creation program mentioned above is the best choice.

You may simply create/burn/convert and back up your favorite movies in Blu-ray format(s) by using any of the aforementioned applications.

Visit our DVD creation center if you’re looking for software that can do both creating and editing.

Please check our Video editing area for more relevant video editing applications.

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