Riders Republic game preview: Full of downhill thrills

Riders Republic is a physics-based downhill racing game that takes place on a single track. The player has to guide their rider down the course, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in order to achieve the highest score possible.

The riders republic review is a game preview for a downhill mountain biking game. It is full of thrills and excitement that you won’t be able to put down.


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  • Rider’s Republic is a unique combination of downhill riding, snowboard skills, and jetpack flight.
  • There’s a huge open world to explore with endless stuff.
  • Graphically, it’s not very remarkable, but it’s a lot of fun.


The Riders Republic closed beta began on August 23rd, giving a small group of gamers an early peek at Ubisoft’s forthcoming extreme sports game. Since then, I’ve been having a great time on the slopes and am excited to share my first thoughts with you in this preview post.

NEWS: During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live Stream today, they revealed that the beta would be available to all gamers until August 28th. Everyone, get ready to ride!

Let’s start with a basic inquiry and a complex response. What is Rider’s Republic all about? It’s as if Steep and The Crew 2 got married and produced a kid featuring elements from both games. It’s Ubisoft’s effort to fill a void in the downhill racing genre, which was previously dominated by independent titles like Descenders.

Racing on downhill slopes


Let’s begin with the most exciting portion. The downhill racing is a thrilling experience that cannot be captured in a picture. With how quickly everything are moving, the whole game seems like one huge motion blur. Regardless of whether you’re playing in third-person or first-person mode, the controls are quite precise, and you’ll soon be making sharp turns and doing crazy stunts following a leap over a cliff.

There’s also no need to be concerned if you make a mistake. While a little error at the finish line in The Crew 2 might end a 1-hour race (yes, really) and leave you disappointed, Rider’s Republic addresses this by including the rewind option seen in the Forza Horizon titles.

1629959586_841_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsStop. Go back in time.

When you crash, just press B to get back on your bike, and if you miss a checkpoint, simply rewind to the place where you need to be. The major distinction is because rewinding does not impact the opponents even in single-player mode, so although it’s very helpful and sometimes preferable to repeating the whole race, it’s best used rarely.

The trio of activities is similar to The Crew 2. Aside from downhill biking, you may also do snowboard skills on a snowy mountain’s slopes or fly a jetpack through gates above the terrain you were just cycling down.

Put on your jetpack or head for the slopes.

1629959586_461_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsAt the very least, they aren’t made of wax.

You’d think they’d go for a basic wingsuit, but you’d be mistaken. Instead, Rider’s Republic lets you fly a jetpack fueled by gasoline, which isn’t quite as quick as riding down the mountains, but it’s a nice change of pace.

If you are tired of racing all the time, you may put on your skis or snowboard and see how many points you can get in trick assaults. On the Xbox Series X, loading is so quick that switching between events takes just a few seconds.

1629959587_227_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsTo win, spin the wheel!

Variety is the name of the game, and it’ll be the key to preventing Riders Republic from becoming monotonous after a few hours of gameplay. And, true to Ubisoft form, there’s always something just around the corner that will entice you to keep playing.

Fans of The Crew 2 will be pleased to learn that the Vehicle wheel is making a comeback. In Riders Republic, you have complete freedom to explore and search for treasures, as well as the ability to swap gear at any time. Is there a snowy hill nearby? Make advantage of your skis. Switch to a snowmobile if you want to travel uphill instead. It’s quick, enjoyable, and totally frictionless.

1629959587_781_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsWhere has all the snow gone?

If you don’t want to take the long route to a checkpoint, you may always open the map and drop to a nearby location. There is always something to do locally, and the world is yours to explore. And there will be prizes when you arrive.

Gain access to prizes.

1629959588_372_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsSo satisfying.

The potential to get hooked and waste a lot of time is considerable, from collecting stars by completing particular requests to increasing levels or unlocking new gear that would help you move quicker. Completionists will have their work cut out for them on this one.

In single-player games, advancing through the narrative or unlocking the next cutscene is typically part of the reward. And, although Riders Republic places a strong emphasis on narrative, the characters are a little too caricature-like for my tastes.

The story

1629959588_116_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrills“How are you doing, fellow children?”

I only mention the narrative at the conclusion of this preview since I wasn’t really pleased with it. The characters all strive too hard to be cool, like a parent attempting to impress his children and persuade them that they are still “cool.”

As a 33-year-old father of two, I’m not much of a judge, but there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments that missed the point for me. The experience may vary based on your sense of humor, but I simply wanted the cutscenes to finish so I could go back to racing down dusty hills.

Riders Republic: Final Thoughts

Pros Excellent awareness of time There’s a lot to do, and there are some cool elements like backtracking. The story and performances aren’t very impressive. Visually, it’s not very appealing.

After spending about seven hours with the Riders Republic beta, I can already tell that the final game will take many more hours to finish and will be a lot of fun. Ubisoft has taken the lessons gained from prior games and incorporated features like Backtrack, as well as fan favorites like fast change between gears.

It’s building up to be a great end-of-year release, and I’m excited to get my hands on the complete version.

1629959588_546_Riders-Republic-game-preview-Full-of-downhill-thrillsOn the 28th of October, we’ll see you!

*Disclaimer: This game was previewed on the Xbox Series X. The publisher supplied a beta code.

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The Riders Republic game preview is a new downhill racing game that is full of thrills. It has the potential to be one of the best games for this year. Reference: is riders republic free.

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