StreamYard vs. OBS (2021) | Which is the Best?

Both StreamYard and OBS are open-source software for streaming, freely available to download on their respective websites. As such, they both settle the same role: They stream your screen. However, there is one key difference between these two tools that sets them apart from each other: quality of video StreamYard offers a significantly more vivid image than its competitor; while OBS might be able to record better footage over time as it updates automatically with new features like hardware assistance or HDR support

The “belive” is a new service that offers live streaming for free. However, it has been met with mixed reviews so far. The “StreamYard vs belive” will help you decide which service to use.

StreamYard vs OBSOBS vs. StreamYard

I’ve used both StreamYard and OBS, and they have a lot in common; StreamYard is mostly used for hosting live events, whereas OBS is primarily used for streaming and recording games. What distinguishes them from one another? Let’s compare StreamYard and OBS to determine which one is best for you.

What are the differences between StreamYard and OBS?

  • StreamYard StudioStudio StreamYard
  • OBS Game Capture WindowGame Capture Window in OBS
  • OBS Studio on Dell G3Dell G3 with OBS Studio
  • Display Capture in OBS StudioOBS Display Capture

OBS Image Gallery and StreamYard

StreamYard is a web-based application that allows you to broadcast and record your games, live events, and other content on sites such as YouTube and Twitch. To get started, you’ll need a free account, but premium plans give you access to additional services. OBS, on the other hand, is a computer program that allows you to record and broadcast the same kind of content. It’s open-source and free.

The distinction

The following are the primary distinctions between the two:

  • OBS is more difficult to use than StreamYard, particularly for novice users.
  • The former includes a studio where you may display name labels, brand logos (premium), and more, whilst the latter requires you to put them up beforehand.
  • In StreamYard, you may invite others to broadcast with you and talk with them, while OBS is better for an individual. Install a plugin or utilize a third-party program if you want to communicate in OBS.

Twitch Studio vs. OBS: What’s the Difference?


StreamYard allows you to broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and a few more platforms. One may only broadcast on one platform at a time on the free plan. OBS, like StreamYard, only offers streaming on a single platform, although it supports over 60 platforms in total.

Getting started

In comparison to OBS, StreamYard is easy to set up. You authorize the access request and link your account using the platform’s email.

In order to use OBS on most platforms, you must first create a connection. We connect in a variety of methods depending on the platform and its needs. To connect OBS to Twitch, for example, you may either join in with your Twitch account or input your stream key copied from the account settings into OBS.

Studio StreamYard

StreamYard is a new service that allows users to stream live content to YouTube. OBS is an open-source software that has been around for years and has many features. Which do you think is better? Reference: streamyard vs youtube live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than OBS?

A: I am not a qualified source for what is and isnt better than OBS.

What is better than StreamYard?

A: StreamYard is an in-browser, open source Twitch desktop application with emotes and webchat. It may be used on non-PC devices with Chrome if youre looking for something that will run on mobile or PC/Mac at the same time.

Is StreamYard and OBS the same?

A: StreamYard is an OBS plugin while OBS is a piece of software used to stream your screen.

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