Take advantage of the massive LANDR Black Friday discounts

On Black Friday, LANDR is offering a massive 20% discount on all purchases. This means that you should be able to get up to $500 worth of goods for only $400!

The “cloudbounce” is a free, open source app that allows users to take advantage of the massive LANDR Black Friday discounts. The app can be used for both Apple and Android devices.

Take advantage of the massive LANDR Black Friday discounts


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Publish date: November 2020

  • LANDR is one of the world’s most popular music production and distribution platforms.
  • They choose to begin their Black Friday promotions with some fantastic Mastering and Distribution packages.
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The Christmas shopping season is approaching, which means that discounts will be available on almost every product or service conceivable, including devices and software.

Musicians, for example, may be delighted to learn that LANDR, one of the world’s largest music production and distribution platforms, is providing a significant discount on one of their most popular services.

All registered users are eligible for the deal. All you have to do is register a free account and then use the Black Friday discount to make a purchase.

On LANDR, you may enjoy a 35% discount on mastering and distribution.


Songs are simple to write if you have the correct inspiration and creativity, but you’ll need the right tools to turn that theoretical concept into reality.

For example, you may use LANDR’s Mastering service to:

  • Thanks to smart AI, you can get professional grade masters right away.
  • Make your song stand out by using one of the three mastering styles.
  • Reference Mastering may help you perfect your sound.
  • In a single click, master whole EPs and albums.


Mastering plan (LANDR)

Thanks to LANDR’s Mastering service, you can enjoy AI-driven music mastering technology that will make your songs stand out on any playlist.


Once your song is finished, you may take advantage of another fantastic offer from LANDR and make your music accessible to the whole globe.

The program provides you with the assistance you need to properly release your music on streaming services. It enables you to join Spotify for Artists, develop pre-save campaigns, measure performance, and more.

This is made possible through LANDR’s Distribution service, which enables you to:

  • Throughout the distribution process, you will be guided. LANDR’s Distribution Wizard is to be commended.
  • Release more songs and receive more airplay, which means you’ll make more money.
  • Receive specialized assistance from distribution professionals who are well-versed in the business.
  • Make use of clever marketing links to help your fans discover you where they listen to music the most.


LANDR – This is a distribution scheme.

Once you’ve finished creating your song, it’s time to spread it throughout the globe, thanks to LANDR’s premier distribution plan!

Overall, if you have a talent for music, now is the time to take advantage of one of the most well-known services in the industry and make your name recognized all over the globe.

Are you looking forward to LANDR’s new Black Friday offers?

Leave your input in the comments area below to let us know which one you intend on subscribing to.

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